Friday, April 2, 2010

Getting Back on the Wagon

Okay, folks, I doubt anyone is still reading this blog because I have been so delinquent in posting, but a few things have happened in the last few days that I wanted to post I just decided to post. Today was the first day Jackson was able to open his door, which since he's in a toddler bed now, means that he greeted us bedside at 5 am. GREAT.

We also had a couple other milestones this week...yesterday was his first time to actually get the foot action down to move forward in his cozy coupe red fire truck, and the day before yesterday he swallowed his first piece of gum. Long story.

Pictures to follow...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jackson's First Trip to the Zoo

This Labor Day we headed to the zoo! Jackson had fun, but we think he enjoyed the lion training session and the giraffes the most. He also got to enjoy his first sno cone!

Visit with Layla

We recently returned from CA and a little visit with Vanessa and her baby Layla. Jackson loved Layla and always wanted to be touching her. He was really sweet with her. Layla is such a pretty baby and so good! J got to have his first trip to Bristol Farms, his first carousel ride at South Coast Plaza, and a visit to the Pacific Ocean. He was in heaven.

Happy Birthday to Lucy

Lucy turned 2, and I was pretty bad with the camera. We're expecting some pictures from Cheri's sister. Jackson had sooo much fun at the beach! We had to drag him back to the house. We all had a good time.

Trip to Fort Worth

In the middle of August, Jackson and I went to Fort Worth with Troy while he was there for depositions. We had a lot of fun--walked around downtown, went to a play area with friends, and hung out with Grana and Poppy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trip to Lake House

We brought Emma and Flynn with us to stay for a week at the lake house in Granbury. It was a really nice break---we went shopping, spent time outdoors, and had a relaxing time.

Visit to Hondo

We saw everyone, I think. Jackson spent some time with his cousin Case, got to see the cows, and had his first horse ride at a D'Hanis festival. It was a great weekend.